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i am the sword in the darkness

i am the watcher on the walls

lord protector of jon snow's vale
5 November 1976
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(818) I woke up this morning and the first thing i saw was the harry potter tattoo on his left butt cheek.

my name is julie. i'm an overgrown fangirl obsessed with books and movies and tv shows.

i write fanfiction and i kind of go to college. i like rainstorms, raymond chandler, norse mythology, flamingos, vegan food, and professional basketball.

i love stiles stilinski. stannis baratheon is my king. i will stan for sirius black in hell.
harry potter • game of thrones • the hobbit • lord of the rings
teen wolf • good omens • american gods • the hunger games
pirates of the caribbean • boondock saints • m*a*s*h • ncis
sometimes i write plot. sometimes i write smut. either way, it usually ends in slash. usually, but not always.

[fanfic masterlist] [AO3] [skyehawke] [the-archive]
anyone is welcome to illustrate, podfic, remix, or translate any of my fanfiction. my only request is that you keep my name attached, and that you drop me a link to the finished product, so i can add a pointer link to my masterlist.
if once is not enough, you can also find me here:

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GhostMoon3908 @ Pottermore

Gryffindor means never having to sleep alone

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