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Hi. My name is Julie. I'm kind of a professional fangirl.

I've been active in fandom since 2004. Over the years, I've written roughly 200 fics in 14 fandoms. I'm assuming that's why you're here, so I'll just get on with it.

Because of LJ word limits, I've split my fanfic masterlists into four posts:

- Harry Potter
- Game of Thrones
- Supernatural
- Other Fandoms

My masterlists are kind of a mess. The fics are in reverse chronological order, but that's about it in terms of organization. If you're just here to browse, check out my tag page, since I have most everything tagged by pairing and fandom. Most everything. LJ ate my tags sometime last year, and I've only worked my way back to about 2006.

I also have everything up at AO3.

If you're looking for Phoenix Song, I no longer have a copy of it. I don't know where you can find one. If I had one fandom wish on this earth, it would be that every trace of it disappeared from the internet. I respectfully request that you don't email me about it.

My two main fandoms are Supernatural and Game of Thrones. I'm also reasonably active in Teen Wolf. I've also written for Harry Potter, American Gods, Good Omens, Pirates of the Caribbean, Boondock Saints, M*A*S*H, NCIS, Clue, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Welcome to Night Vale, and Bandom.

I also do recs from time to time. They've recently been heavy on fanart because I spend too much time on Tumblr, but I also do some fanfic. I rec from all the fandoms I've written, as well as The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and The Hunger Games. My recs are also tagged by fandom, or you can see everything here.

I am a total shipper. I've written 38 pairings in Harry Potter and 16 in Game of Thrones; my OTP is basically Everyone/Everyone.


Dean/Cas, almost to the point of ridiculousness.

Game of Thrones:

I've nothing close to an OTP here, I think because most my Game of Thrones fics are kink meme fills. My fandom bicycles are Jon Snow and (oddly) Stannis Baratheon; I'd probably ship them with Dany's dragons if I could figure out the logistics.

Harry Potter:

I like Remus/Sirius a lot, and since the release of HBP I seem to prefer MWPP Era stuff in general. My fandom bicycle is Sirius Black; I will read/write him with anything breathing.

Teen Wolf:

I like Derek/Stiles quite a bit, but mostly I just want Stiles to get laid. Repeatedly, and with everyone.

The Hobbit:

I haven't written for this fandom yet, but when I do it will either be Bilbo/Thorin or some combination of Fíli/Kíli/Thorin. My only regret is there aren't more Durins for me to ship together.

If once is not enough, you can also find me here:

[personal profile] xylodemon/[personal profile] xylodemon
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