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Fic Recs: Threesomes, Foursomes/Moresomes, Het and Gen

xylodemon's Gigantic Rec List of Doom
Harry Potter FanFiction
(mostly of the pornographic persuasion)

In case anyone hasn't noticed, I read a lot of fic.

In a valiant effort to keep my bookmarks from becoming more of a clusterfuck than they already are, I have decided to put the links to many of the fics that make me particularly happy in one place.

I've divided the fics into five main categories: Slash, and Het/Gen. Both lists contain threesomes, with same-sex threesomes under slash and bitextual threesomes under het. If you follow my daily recs, you already have a pretty good idea of what section is the biggest. You also know that I read a lot of porn, and that I mostly read one-shots, because I have short attention span.

The fics are sorted inside the categories by pairing, and listed alphabetical by author. I have linked to Livejournal when possible.

Ratings listed are those given by the author. I've warned for chan and anything else people might be squeamish about, but if the fic comes with warnings, read them. I like fluff as much as the next person, but things like angst and character death don't bother me, and my squicks are few and far between.

ETA 21 March 2005: This list was rapidly reaching the character limit for a single LJ post, so I have broken it up into two parts. The Threesomes, Foursomes/Moresomes, Het and Gen list is on this page. The Slash list is here.

ETA 25 April 2005:In an attempt to clean this up a bit, I've put the ratings, warnings and secondary pairings in the *hover* tags.



- Knowing is Half the Batter by romanticalgirl
- Library With a View by thetreacletart


- In the Turning, by casirafics
- [NEW]  Lie to Me by musesfool
- Forever After, by romanticgirl
- Tasted, by spikeyboots
- Scholars and Soldiers, by somethingwicked


- Arrivals, by casirafics
- Thrice Defied by casirafics
- A Place Where Nobody Knows by musesfool
- Jackson Pollack Would Be Proud, by musesfool
- Round the Curves, by musesfool
- You and the Giant Squid, by musesfool
- The Sweetest Death by tarie
- Glissando by violet_quill


- Lace, by casirafics
- Like Poison, by moshi
- A Lane to the Land of the Dead, by prurient_badger


- Something Better, by copperbadge
- Monsters, Livid with Desire, by musesfool


- Cats and Dogs, by copperbadge
- Love in Plaid, by happiestwhen
- Aftertaste by happiestwhen


- [NEW]  With Painted Windows by darkasphodel [Lucius/Bellatrix]
- Loyalty (the It Takes Two Mix) by kay_taylor [Remus/Lily, James/Lily]
- [NEW]  Fire in Babylon by musesfool [Draco/Various]
- Red Means (Don't) Stop musesfool and mousapelli [Lily/Marauders]
- Death Eater, by anjenue [Tom/Myrtle]
- Black and Lily White, by satinvalkyrie [Sirius/Lily]
- Blonde by shaychana. [Lucius/Narcissa. Sirius/Narcissa]
- Corpus Christi, by shaychana [Cedric/Cho]
- Five People Minerva McGonagall Did Not Have Sex With, by shaychana [Minerva/Various]
- Shifting Sands, by shaychana [Tonks/Various]



- [NEW]  Not Exactly Romance by amanuensis1
- Steadily Wanting More, by anise_anise
- Mental That One by argyle_s
     • Mental That One
     • Emotional Range of a Teaspoon
- Reunion, by calliope14
- Triquetra by calliope14
- In the Library, by hesychasm
- Love Gained, by legomymalfoy
- Beneath These Dirty Sheets, by musesfool
- The Trick of Love, by redblaze
- Spring Fever, by shocolate
- Too Hot to Sleep, by starbuckle


- Three Tequila, by musesfool
- Three, by rosie_red73


- The Subject of Schoolgirl Fantasies, by musesfool [Hermione/Ginny/Remus]
- [NEW]  Her Favorite Fantasy by violet_quill [James/Lily/Sirius]


- Lily and the Marauders, by jlh [Lily/Marauders]
- [NEW]  The Most Gorgeously Stupid Thing by musesfool [James/Lily/Sirius/Remus]


- To clarify, I define *Gen* as a fic where romance is not the focal point of the plot. Some of the fics listed here have romantic undertones, or have a *ship*, but I still consider them Gen, because that is not what the fic is about

- Three, Two, One, by beingothrwrldly [Marauders]
- When Everybody Loves You (In Which Mr. Padfoot Wishes Mr. Moony was Someone Just a Little More Funky) by beingothrwrldly [James, Sirius, Remus]
- How I Spent My Winter Holiday Starring James Who Is Brill (And Not Fancying Evans) by blacksatinrose [James, Sirius]
- [NEW]  A Punch-Up at a Wedding by circe_tigana [Sirius, Lily]
- [NEW]  Lay Down Your Cross by circe_tigana [Draco]
- Fashionista, by copperbadge [Remus, Tonks]
- Sublimation and the Snitch, by copperbadge [Remus]
- Nourishment of the Earth by darkasphodel [Sirius, companion to Dying of the Light]
- True Colours by gehayi [Sirius]
- [NEW]  The Subtlety of Schoolboys by fleshdress [Marauders]
- The Hogwarts Staircases Have Stopped Moving by lalejandra. [Padma, Neville, Hufflepuffs, Blaise, Draco]
- Untitled by lalejandra. [Harry, Hermione]
- The Whole of the Moon by minervacat [Remus]
- A Boy and His Rat, by mousapelli [Marauders, Peter]
- Black Widow, by musesfool [Black family]
- One More Mile, by musesfool [James, Sirius, Peter]
- The Start of a Beautiful Friendship, by musesfool [Marauders, Remus]
- Wordless, by penknife [Arthur]
- P.S, by thistlerose [Harry, Sirius, Remus/Sirius if you squint]
- The Secret Language of Cats, by thistlerose [Remus]

Updated 21 July 2005

If you are looking for the slash list, it is here

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